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Looking to buy a laptop or desktop? There are so many options available, and you must choose whether to go new or used or refurbished, we can help.

Buying a refurbished (or used) laptop can allow for some serious savings. While you're likely not going to be able to find each and every laptop model available for purchase, this option is worth considering for those seeking laptops for work, studying or general use. We make it easy to see just what is available for your on this website. Generally speaking, if you're strapped for cash or do not wish to spend huge amount on a new laptop, going refurbished or used is a solid solution. And we specialize in providing high quality, full-tested laptops with year-round warranty. 

Our laptops are restored by highly skilled technical professionals to as good condition as possible. Steps may include taking units apart to check various components, including the battery, internal storage, power supply, ports, and other parts.


Browse Laptops According To Your Budget

We have a wide range of laptops. Pricing range from 10000 to 50000+. Buying a refurbished laptop can save you several hundred dollars depending on the make and model and where you shop. Browse laptops according to your budget.

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Laptops Models Ideal For Students, To Fit Your Budget

Today’s digital world provides opportunities for students to analyze, act and learn in highly personalized ways. When teachers and students become co-creators in thelearning process and leverage technology in meaningful ways, the learning experiences can challenge, engage and inspire all learners.

We understand the challenges faced by students in this digital age, especially who can't afford to get their own computer for their studies.

We provide refurbished laptops at highly affordable prices for students and with goodies and special offers.


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We Aim To Support The New Generation

Our aim is to enable every student with atleast a computer to enable them to embrace the change in this new-age education technology world. To enable them access the world of informational technology at their finger-tips in this Digital World !


We aim to achieve this through our non-compromising quality of products, highest level of professionalism, friendly staff, association with academic organization across India and be known as the "friendly neighborhood store for all your computing requirements for your learning and entertainment purpose.


We Aim To Provide Highest Value Added Services