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Is your Laptop or Computer Giving You Problems?

If you're looking for professional and reliable professionals for Laptops and Desktop Hardware Upgrades, Repairs, and Spares at the Most Affordable Prices and Warranty, Call Us Now !!

We offer consumers and business users looking for high-quality service from trained and experienced Computer, Laptop, and Gaming (Sony PS/Microsoft, etc) specialists, including chip-level repair servicing.

Got a Faulty or Slow Laptop & Don't Know What To Do?

We Can Help You Fix It In No Time !!

Technical Experts

Our qualified and certified technicians can handle and repair services on all types of computers - Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, PCs, laptops, and all in one. Most often, when our IT engineer needs additional parts to fix it, we take your PC to our store to diagnose and repair it in more detail. It usually took us 1 to 3 days to fix the computer and return it to it.

Free Diagnostics

The first thing our experienced technicians do is perform a free diagnostic check to determine exactly what is wrong with your laptop. Once we find the root cause of the problem, our technician will explain what is wrong and repair options, including cost and time estimates. If you want to continue, it will immediately start to repair your laptop. 

Common Problems

We have served thousands of clients over the years. Most of them have minor issues like a slow laptop or corrupt windows installation, data backup, Here are the most common problems we have observed in our Dubai service center along with the suitable solutions:

Broken Screen Laptop Repair

This is one of the most common issues with any digital device today. Although the hardware and technology are improving by the day, the laptop LCD Screen is still fragile and can get cracked easily. We can replace and Repair fix your laptop screen LCD LED in no time Replacement.


Laptop Battery Problems

As your laptop ages, one of the key issues that appear is the problematic battery. A laptop with poor life is no different from a desktop computer. We can identify the root cause in minutes, whether it's charging IC (integrated circuit) or any other underlying issue. We also replace it if it is completely dead or reached its life.


Water or Liquid Damage Repair

You can easily drop a cup of coffee on your machine, and all of a sudden, your life comes to a standstill. The liquid can damage your laptop's trackpad, mouse, touchpad, keyboard, or even motherboard. We can trace and find all electrical issues caused by this kind of spill and fixed them with utmost care. 

Hardware & Spare Replacement

We repair broken panels, Wireless/Bluetooth, faulty power adapter, battery, overheating issues with the cooling system (just like your cars, your computer can also need servicing).


Laptop Data Loss & Recovery

Data is everything in this digital world. You might accidentally delete important files, formatted your disk, or hard drive has issues. On such occasions, all we want is to recover our precious from the damaged laptop. Our professionals have mastered the recovery tools & techniques that they can recover your data from almost all possible situations. 


Slow Performance

We all love playing games and our lovely software, and it might not be enjoyable if they run slow. We can help you solve this by upgrading hardware components. We can replace hard drives from HDD to SDD, increase RAM, and system software tuning to significantly improve the overall performance at nominal pricing.


Software Update Or Virus Removal

At times, viruses or other software problems can also cause slowness; we can diagnose and fix the problem with an appropriate solution. We can help you install the latest windows (Operating System) to remove viruses as it can fixing many ongoing issues with your laptop.

OEM Brands We Deal In

Although we can repair almost any laptops or computers in the market, just mentioning here some of the most brands we deal with on day to day basis:


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